24-08-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

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Budapest, the 24 August 1914

Dear Professor,

Instead of telegram, anyway, not happen much earlier, I'll answer this in more detail.

Your letter aptly describes the mood changes that alternate almost hourly, and that we are all subject, culminates in the same derogatory judgment of Madam A.[utriche], I had to forge, me too. As an example of compliance with the rules of psychic processes, I can tell you that for me, My penchant for libidinal personality above, which appeared at the time of new more favorable, was transformed in the same way in the opposite ; together, est un peu from libido, to some extent, become available to our scientific efforts. J'ai, me too, amount of slip is repeated (I jokingly interpreted as paralysis 1 debutante, in the manner of the hypochondriac who learned medicine).

Recently I told you (writing) my confusion and my inability to work were accentuated, but not created, by the crisis ; your incentive to come to Vienna and put me out of time on this occasion - as unconscious - that's how I would enjoy : I prefer, it would go to Vienna for four weeks and you do with sessions in analysis rules ; I have the money (I had withdrawn from the bank for the voyage to England, before the moratorium 2).

I promise to do my utmost to mitigate the difficulties for which you refuse to analyze Tausk 3. If this happened, partly, otherwise - would that material for further analysis, where you should proceed with all severity necessary. You know : I suffer from the memory of the good father. Maybe ill untie me he language !

I await your response telegram.

Cordially, Ferenczi your

A. Header pre-printed or stamped, purple.

  1. There is general paralysis, symptoms of the terminal stage of syphilis. The joint disorders are an early symptom.
  2. "The banks and savings banks do not refund deposits beyond 200 crowns " (Freud's letter to Abraham's 2 VIII 1914, Correspondence, on. cit.).
  3. Ferenczi's allusion to Tausk is not entirely clear. According to Paul Roazen which is based on his interviews with Hermann Nunberg, Philippe Sarasin and Helene Deutsch, Freud refused - but only some four years later - analyze Tausk because he felt inhibited in the presence, and because he feared that Tausk only steals ideas (Paul Roazen, Animal mon frere, you, Paris, Payot, 1971, p. 112 sq., and The Freudian Saga, Paris, PUF, 1986, p. 250-251).

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