25-08-1914 Freud to Abraham

Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19


Cher ami,

I would : finally hear from you (back to the last 2.8), if I could hope that this open letter will reach your hands. Since that date, I've written several times, unsuccessfully it seems, I learned Eitingon, that is Prague, you expect to stay in Berlin.

In our case, Here we can say. We arrived here my som-, retour de Carlsbad, the 5; my sister, which finally gives, had come before us, that its sana-toriums had closed. Was[1] made its appearance a few days after; about Ernst, we have learned during 12 days he had managed to win from Salzburg to Munich, where he had made an excursion. Finally, He made the trip Munich-Vienna as the Austrian consulate passenger with local 1 mark 55 en poche; but here, he was graciously postponed, and since, he lives with us. Annerl is virtually a prisoner of war in England; after long days of anguish, we came into contact with her through The Hague, thanks to the intervention of Dr. Van Emden. We learned that she remained, unmolested, in his institute at the seaside, and it is related to our friends from London who, in no doubt, would take care of it if necessary. It seems to go well and behaves with great courage. En effet, stay in an enemy country can not fail to be thorny.

Martin did his legal training before the war broke out. When the storm broke, he volunteered, showed that the femur fracture was well healed, and he managed to get accepted into the weapon which he had belonged incurred as a volunteer for a year (artillery regiment No. 41 According to his letter, he could not pass up the opportunity to the Russian border without changing religion [2]. He expected to be held in Salzburg to continue his training, but he announced today that he is gone. We do not know where, of course, if it is south or north.

My son in law is called the Hamburg 7 September for war service.

I now turn to other. Rank and Sachs are here. Rank, still gay, has found a job : it stores and catalog my library, given that we are currently working with any good scientific. Ferenczi is called, he expects to be used as a doctor and will visit us here one of these days. Tomorrow Wednesday, the remaining members of the association will meet in coffee. I know Federn was aboard the Kronprinzessin Cäcilie, that, warning against France, turned back, and has returned to New York!

Here I finally in my office leisure I always desired. But it is always so fulfilling desires ! I find it absolutely impossible to undertake anything of reasonable. Like other, I saw a German victory in the other, and in the interval, I am tormented by the fear of further complications, new rape neutrality, etc. It seems that the incredible prowess of our allies have already saved. This is a great and terrible time.

Of all projects in the summer and fall, I shall mention only one. I'm going to see my little son in Hamburg, and at the same time, I will also Berlin, when travel conditions are bearable again. It will probably soon, in september. Echaudé, of course, by the experiences of recent times, we shrink from any plan, any project.

What are the hopes,

designs that are

human, be ephemeral ![3]

(or something like that)

I'm glad to hear that you and yours are doing well, and I only wish that the correspondence between allies is again facilitated. More forsan and haec olim meminisse juvabit, we read in Virgil.

Sincerely on behalf of all of us.

Your Freud.

[1] Oliver Freud, born in 1891, second son of Freud.

[2] The entry in Tsarist Russia was forbidden to Jews.

[3] What are the hopes, what are designs, the man, -Possible makes the vergän! Quote of The Bride of Messina Schiller.

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