29-08-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

Obviously, some new to me have failed in your hands. But I'm glad you finally new highly detailed; map and letter arrived after a journey of three days, and I hope it will be the same for this letter.

You will then all well. How many times have I not thought that your youngest could do in England; I had reason to suppose that this is Van Emden to serve as an intermediary.

Home, all is well. Personally, I proposed the health service, possibly also for External Affairs and Transport Service. There is one week, I almost take the train to Dirschau (mouth of the Vistula). But things have taken a different course, and I remain - at least temporarily - to the military hospital of the racecourse Grunewald. I have much to do, especially in surgery; Maybe I will later take care of the special section neuro-psychiatric. Customers now very small. For a scientific, I still lack of peace. The need to work for the community and the uncertainty of the first weeks of war captured me completely. But the news is not they now excellent? German troops barely 100 kilometers from Paris, Belgium is liquidated; England is also on earth. Russia is no better. Austrian success arrived timely, when East Prussia inspired us the greatest concern.

My very best wishes to Sachs, Rank Ferenczi et, as well as all the Viennese friends. I have no news of Hitschmann. What does he?

As for Jones, I think we all no news. Do not you also experience a strange feeling to the idea that it is part of our "enemies"?

I am very eager to learn when you leave for Hamburg! Fast service works fairly well with new Vienna. Via Berlin, of course; and it will be a joy to see you arrive in the city, instead of the Cossacks (that, if you believe the prophecies fearful souls, should be here soon). Compensation for Seis, even if it is short! My wife and I wish you in advance a very warm welcome.

With my cordial greetings to you and all yours,

Abraham your.

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