03-09-1914 Freud à abraham

* Vienna IX, Berggasse 19


Cher ami,

Finally a real letter you, accompanied by a beautiful woman of your postscript! She traveled from 29.8 until today; Berlin is still very far.

Thank you very much for your offer, which is fortunately no longer needed, and news you give me of your family, and will return the favor as far as possible. We are all well; the only sick (my sister) is almost full. Martin est à Innsbruck; I'll see Sunday; he has to go 15 month. Following notice of appeal reiterated, my son Ernst will probably incorporated 9. Young people do not see this as a wish-fulfillment. The boundary between military and civilian population is also deleted; there is the age limit which still.

German victories gave us a strong moral support, and we were very badly shaken in the expectation of ours. It seems, certainly, that all is well, but nothing happens decisive, and we have abandoned all hope of seeing the matter promptly settled by some sensational disasters. Tenacity is becoming the first of virtues. Under these conditions, our focus is again somewhat on the side of science. Rank, I often to me, since it is putting away my library, You write about this. We expect you to also turn on a "positive" similar. As we cut our external collaborators, we would like to show that we are capable of doing something good for themselves, and issue numbers of the Zeitschrift and Imago who respect.

Jones is obviously our "enemy". Correspondence with Van Emden, and at the same time that it passes through, is unfortunately very defective.

I like to think I'm in Berlin and Hamburg before the end of the month. It's just if we dare to formulate a plan.

A work of Flechsig clinical1 Alzheimersches Blatt appeared in Germany also seems to indicate that, we begin to change attitude towards psychoanalysis. With my very best wishes,

Your Freud.

Write me soon!

1. Paul Flechsig, professor of psychiatry at Leipzig, frequently named in the Memoirs President Schreber.

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