11-09-1914 Eitingon to Freud

68 It

IGLOO, the 11 September 1914a

Dear Professor,

as I wrote it when I received my orders to leave Prague, I was sent to Kaschau and, de là, assigned to the reserve hospital at Iglo1 ; this is now my metamorphosis into a military doctor and surgeon and war nearly completed. We have many transport wounded from neighboring Galicia. – How are you, dear Professor? Do you get occasional news from your elder? And how do you do personally? –

We have here little new in the newspapers. The beginnings, of incomparable beauty, west and east2, [seem] having a bit slow. –

I send you all my best wishes to you and yours, with my faithful devotion

Your M. Eitingon

a. Military Postcard.

  1. Czech town of Nova Ves, which now belongs to Slovakia, at the time in Northern Hungary.
  2. Reference to very rapid successes early in the war by the German and Austrian armies allied.

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