13-09-1914 Abraham to Freud

Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

I suppose that many cards and at least one letter reached me in your hands. The delivery is always difficult. Your letter and stamped the 3 September arrived here yesterday, So after a nine-day trip.

I learned with joy that you are in good health and that your sister is on the mend. My best wishes accompany your two son; thank you, the remainder, card that you have written with Martin.

Home, the whole family is doing well. A Berlin, the impact of the war is generally insensitive. We are reassured by the complete defeat of the Russians in East Prussia. We hope to have in the next few days of favorable news of the battles of Marne. They end well, the fate of France will be set to the most, that is to say, taking strongholds in the south-east is no longer a matter of days. Tonight, we learned the news of the retirement Austrian Lemberg; I still expect that the fortresses and the Carpathians do obstruct the advance of the Russians.

Let the little world of our concerns! I wrote a card Rank Tuesday and I had hinted a little work. The same evening, I was advised that a convoy of wounded arrive very early in our hospital which is far enough out of town. This meant that I get up at 4 thirty, I remain continuously in the operating room to 2 hours, then the afternoon, I spend a few hours Customer; and as the situation has not changed in the following days, I could not write any end item. Maybe next week it will get better. - As the most important work I wanted to give extracts in the form of a presentation to Congress, there is no question that I will put for now. I am especially pleased to present my ideas when you come to Berlin. I will arrange to be as embarrassed as possible, during your visit, by my service to the hospital.

I add my warmest greetings to you, yours and all your friends.

As always, your

Karl Abraham.

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