03-10-1914 Freud to Jones

[post cards of L. C. Martin, Suede (1)]

3 October 1914

St. Södergatan 50, Lund

My family is fine. My daughter is back. My eldest son (2), Now Dr. law, volunteered for training as an artilleryman, but has not yet been sent to the front. I hope to soon get to work, although of course I do not expect many patients. My journals continue to appear – reduced, of course, and far away. Next week released a number the’ Boarding school. Magazine and Image. The Yearbook is ready for some time, but it has not yet been sent. Friends (?) are all together (?) and continue the work. A few days ago, I went to see Abraham in Berlin. We do not consider you an enemy !

S. F.(3)

1. Freud's letter was transcribed and sent to Jones by Louis Charles Martin, time colleague of Jones Toronto (Jones, 1959, p. 196), now resident in Sweden. Postwar, He taught English at Liverpool after a stint at the Sorbonne.

2. Martin Freud.

3. In a note attached, Louis Charles Martin complains writing Gothic Freud : "This happened to me this MADN. Why does he get to this writing of another age ? It is not easy to read, but I think that the above is true in almost all details. I send you two newspapers with this. We have the’Illustrated London News and monthly - I'm trying now to get your hands on Cotitemporary Review - Stolen by Professor of Economics. All is well. The. C. M. »

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