27-10-1914 Ferenczi to Freud


Potato, Hotel Griff

the 27 October 1914

Dear Professor,

I'm going to - what I think - take our correspondence, at least in part, on an analytical basis ; sudden failure of our doctor-patient relationship (you see, I write as free association by) I would, otherwise, too painful. More, impractical.

I want to make a chronological report. The path to Papa seemed infinitely long, and yet I was already in the barracks to 6 hours, and I learned that I would have to service local. My subconscious seemed so pleased with this new he immediately ended the substitutive satisfaction of diarrhea. I've been here three days and I can summarize my impressions.

The commander is a kind man and distinguished, other officers as (Hussars) ; with the exception of two rich Jews, nothing of the "gentry" stewards and some aristocrats. All treat me as comrade ; It is true that at this moment the doctor can write certificates is a particularly powerful personality. We here, now, companies say reserve, which cover the departure of the troops and train recruits. I work eight hours until half past eleven, afternoon I have nothing to do. I belly and I incise boils, I requirements against coughs and stomachaches, and I consider the troops upon arrival or departure on leave. We know almost nothing of the war, here ; strangely, interest in news papers even decreased (home too). "Service" absorbs us so much that we lose sight of the actual goal of our work.

I do not know yet what I'll do with my afternoon. I spent the first afternoon free (day before yesterday) by self-written analysis. It worked ; I imagined that I was talking. Here, moodiness ; long after I tortured, it became clear that I wanted to organize a massacre (a incendie criminel) due to a small injury of my gay complex. Thereupon, relief. - My nights are distur-offs (restless sleep).

A somme, now, I'm not sad, ni gai ; rather bored. I know what I lost by the interruption of the analysis, but regret that I did not become a conscious feeling. Therefore : the first afternoon, maniac, the second, melancholy, third (today), apa-Ethics ; perhaps a circular mechanism. — N.B. : I tend not to write the letter, but I am forced, because I know the gratitude I owe you. A Madame G. (to which I wrote on the first day a letter full of fervor) I could not say anything more, now. - By way of explanation, the following fact comes to mind now : woke up very early today (4 h and a half), I made every effort to get back to sleep ; the psychoanalytic method failed, I took this time really means auto-erotic (perhaps because you recommended autoerotism as the best sleeping pill). Naturally, without success ; instead remained apathy, that even good letters could not get out today. But "neurasthenia a day" surely as psychic roots.

This confession is also recognition of the fact that I, even now, such pulses (as I have already pointed) and I let them take action, once or twice a year. For years, when I was a young man, violent struggle against onanism me occupied and tormented. - I think now the 'primal scene', postulated by you. Maybe I was punished too sensitive after protest "manly" (urinate) 2.

So I promise not to bother you much, now, with my case. The viendra, it must come a time when I can continue and complete cure !

I also hope that, shortly, when I'm in a better mood and I will feel fully the gratitude I owe you, I can write you a letter nicer. Now, I know why I did not want to write : it was not to bother you with my personal moods and boring. - Without doubt this is also the cause of many long pauses in our correspondence, I bear the responsibility, most of the time. Obviously, I always wanted to be nice.

I can finally tear myself away from myself and thinking about you and yours. Please send me the proofs of Three Essays 3 - Or any A your written.

At this point, I was somewhat embarrassed, where both words crossed. It is true that, in previous letters, there were many more deletions ; however, there was also much more order and style. You see : when I write and, it is still always the associative mode that comes to mind ! But what would happen if I wanted to finally speak with you, objectively, impersonal topics ?

I did not force today and I put this letter in the mail that makes me so ashamed. [B I wanted to say : because of bad style ; probably shame refers to the admission of onanism.] Therefore, I cordially greet you and concluded,


A. After the word, passage barred : "What makes you think that I’ ».

B. Brackets in the manuscript.

  1. The term refers to the gentry gentry Hungarian. Until the end of the century, this class is considered the guardian of the historical values ​​of the country was more divided on the issue of Compromise 1867. The gentry, unable to adapt to changing economic and social, was on the decline. Some of its members occupied senior positions in local government and in government positions means the State ; others are destined for a military career. Entrepreneurs who believes most of whom were Jews and Germans, gentry declared itself the guardian of traditions, gradually taking refuge in a narrow nationalism. Many of its members adhere to right-wing movements will become increasingly important after the war.
  2. Already, in The Interpretation of Dreams, Freud believed that the observation of sexual relations between parents caused a "sexual excitement" in children ; the excitement, not included and punished, is "transformed into anxiety" (1900a, on. cit., p. 497). This problem becomes central in the analysis of the "Wolf Man", during which Freud introduced the term "primal scene". According to Freud's hypothesis, this patient would have stopped "sexual intercourse with her parents in a saddle" (Freud, 1918i, "From the history of an infantile neurosis", trad. J. Altounian, P. Cotet, Complete Works, XIII, p. 77) and later, he would have tried to seduce the maid while urinating (ibid., p. 89). About masculine protest in this context, t see. The, 466 Iron and notes 2, and the discussion of this subject in Freud on the psychoanalytic movement, (trad. Cor­nélius Heim, Paris, Gallimard, coll. "Knowledge of the unconscious & trad. New., 1991, p. 100-103). The construction proposed by Freud in Ferenczi's analysis will be repeated later, as referring (525 Iron) : "Eroticism urethral - ambition - scene night observation".
  3. Tests of Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality Freud ( 1905d). whose third edition was published in Deuticke, in 1915.

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