28-10-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

This letter is intended to accompany the manuscript(1) which I am indebted for a long time. I'm still immersed in my hospital work; the few hours I have left are absorbed by the customer. Rank Perhaps he will be kind enough to please load up my minor correction, to avoid back-and-forth e-mail in this period of insecurity.

My analysis after their leisurely pace of three to four hours per day. I care little for one of your former clients, Dr. V…; Madame A., I have no news.

It is wonderful to think of a peaceful future trips. But we dare not even think about it. We would be quite willing to Berchtesgaden. Wait patiently until then!

I intend to call now our group, strong cleared, an informal meeting. Do not count on a scientific life very active.

On the front, we now know the difficult days. But overall, we are no less full of confidence. Until the humor comes to life gradually. In a store uniforms and fashion items, we read on a poster : «Feet, the largest mode of 1914. »

Well with my cordial greetings, as well as those of my wife, to you, your family and friends,

Votre Karl Abraham.

(1) ]No doubt refers to Karl Abraham, "The effects “suggestive” medications in neurotic states ", trad. fr. In O. C., II, 58, 1914.

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