30-10-1914 Freud to Ferenczi


Prof.. Dr Freud

the 30 October 1914

Vienna,IX. Berggasse 19

Cher Ami,

I stopped yesterday to page 54 the new clinical history 1 and I can not better occupy my mind ravaged (by cold) in writing letters.

I gather from reading your letter how much is still alive your guilt infant ! It was very stupid, this abrupt discontinuation of therapy, when it was the most interesting and productive, but there was nothing to do. I give you now the prognosis : self-analysis will fail very soon and this is how, for self-analysis and analysis with a stranger can not add. Clearly, what we can do for you here, so that you do not enlisiez service, is to push the interests ψα. I've been sent by Rank few new releases that you want to have the kindness to account for the Zeitschrift as editor, and which are also interesting in themselves. Binswanger deserves special attention 2. Pfister was suddenly able to see Adler shown under the light I planned on it3. There is also nothing more than to dilute some of my remarks. He has the art of distilling grandiose praise from such objections. Partiality, obstinacy and absurdity seem speculative at the base of the great merits in science. You'll enjoy yourself much. Moreover, you have Kollarits4. The library application naturally return.

Here, also arrived tests the new issue of the Zeitschrift. I was very pleased to see how your contributions, even shorter, are sound and substantial5.

A Italien, Levi-Bianchini6, Lecturer and Director of Naples "Manicomio", wants to publish a library international psychiatric, and begin with a translation of my "Five Lessons". It also offers an exchange of newspapers. Accepted.

Regarding my work, I will send you what is transportable, tests of the theory of sexuality7, as soon as they arrive, the text of the new clinical history, if I can have a typed copy. If the rail link was human, I could visit on a Sunday. We will see * !

Cordially greet you all,

your Freud

* Italian in the text ; we will see !

  1. This is the story of the Wolf Man, Freud wrote in October and November 1914. Freud, 1918b [1914], "From the history of an infantile neurosis", Complete Works, XIII, p. 5-118. See also 513 F
  2. It is probably the work of Binswanger Jaspers and psychoanalysis, Freud praised in his letter to Abraham's 31 October 1914 (Freud/Abraham, Correspondence, on. cit., p. 205). This article does not appear in the bibliography of Binswanger Fichtner (in Freud/Binswanger, Correspondence, on. cit.) and could not be identified.
  3. Perhaps the article Oskar Pfister : "The Pedagogy of Adler's school» (The pedagogy of the school Adlerian), Berner seminar leaves, 1914, 8.
  4. Two articles Jenö Kollarits (t see. The, 173 Iron and notes 4), published in August 1914, Ferenczi wrote that reports (Ferenczi, 1915, 180 and 181) pour la magazine (III, 1915, p. 72-85). See 515 F and note 3.
  5. This issue contains two articles Ferenczi : "Ontogeny of interest for the money" (1914. 146, Psychoanalysis, II, p. 142-149) and "Analysis discontinuous (1914, 147, on. cit., p. 150- 152), and three lecture notes : Berguer, "Note on the language of dreams"; Births, "Analysis of a scientific error" (1914, 156) a Meggendorfer, "From the ancestry of syphilis in patients with early dementia ' (1914, 158).
  6. Marco Levi Bianchini (1875-1961), psychiatre italien, professor at the University of Naples and editor of the journal Manicomio II. From 1909, he became interested in psychoanalysis, while expressing reservations regarding the theory of sexuality. In 1919, he met Edoardo Weiss and meets Italian first psychoanalytic group that keeps an unofficial. In 1920, the fuses revue du General Archive Neurology and Psychiatry (where added, in 1921, the mention and Psychoanalysis). Founding member, in 1925, and honorary president until his death, of the Italian Society of Psychoanalysis ; also member of the Viennese (1922-1936), the Italian company that is not part of the International Psychoanalytic Association. Although a member of the Fascist Party, it is suspended from his duties 1938, because of his Jewish origin. It is one of the few members of the Italian Society not to emigrate and even published an article on Freud 1940,

His translation of the Five Lectures on Psychoanalysis (Freud, 1910a [1909]) published in 1915 and is the first volume published by Biblioteca psichiatrica, founded by himself, here deviendra par la suite Library psichoanalitica internationale.

7. See 510 Iron, note 3.

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