31-10-1914 Freud to Abraham

* Vienna IX, Berggasse 19


Cher ami,

Your letter breathes a breath of fresh air. Now, we are all in the joy of the Triple Alliance that we made the decision of Turkey. Apart from this, of course, we learn from the newspapers that you know.

Your little work has been welcome; a test of my next test for the Zeitschrift proceeding to you. I went back to my hard long history of illness, I abandon myself to the discussion with great prolixity. I realize that, if I had in recent years as concise style, this is simply because I had very little time (!). How do I send you this job, quand the evening terminé? Should you come for him to Vienna, or if I return to Berlin, as I hope, you stay.

Apart from this, I'm kinda busy; I could not have more than two customers; and it is probable that, thereafter, I'll have less rather than more.

A propos of Mme A., I can inform you that it is located in Nassau with her husband - English as a prisoner. It will not be very depressing for her; on the contrary, it will be very happy to now be monitored in order to top. Especially since she is also a victim of duplicity English. I also noticed, generally speaking, the obsessive feel more comfortable at this time of war; we went down to their level.

Binswanger sent me a good job on Jaspers (1) and psychoanalysis; but make too much of Jaspers.

A Italien, Levi Bianchini, Lecturer in Naples, collaborator Manicomio (2), plans to open up a library international psychiatric Italian by translating 9 Conferences. Perhaps you have I written about.

Ferenczi is gone - maybe you've already written as I - Papa Hungary, to serve in a local defense Hussars. Eitingon I wrote his last letter Iglo (Hungary). The address of Ferenczi : Hotel Griff. I toured the latest news.

I greet you cordially, hoping that your wife and children are well, since, this time, you did say anything.

Your faithful


Reik seen once, Wednesday.

(1) Karl Jaspers, professor of philosophy at Heidelberg, from Basel 1948.

(2) Collection of psychiatric literature, publié par l '«Archive of Psychiatry and Related Sciences» Nocera Superiore (Naples).

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