26-10-1914 Freud to Jones

[Freud map, translated by J. It. G. Van Emden]

26 October 1914 La Haye

Dear Jones,

I told you via Martin Lund, more directly is not possible. Thank you good news about yourself and Loe. Two son follow instruction in artillery; a son (1) and Anna are home. Medical work is very small. As much as possible, I prepare scientific. Correspondence only with Brill. Translation in the history section Yearbook, because Journal Morton Prince is abandoned if Brill Payne consents. The Magazine and Image continue, but idle. Anna will try to write Loe.


Freud (2)

1. Oliver Freud.

2. The note in the appendix shows : « Cher prof. Jones,

"Here is the translation of a card I received for you. If you want, I will try to send the original. Ferenczi and Rank works much spends his holidays in Freud. Martin Fr. returned with jaundice. With best wishes and greetings also 2, Sarse Road "well you J. in. Emden. »

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