19-11-1914 Lou to Freud


19 November 1914

Dear Professor, What a pleasure to receive you today a sign of life. Recently, I asked the Dr Abraham where your son was on the front and also learned that the Dr Ferenczi was there.

Yes, Obviously these "big brothers"! As they are all, they have become real devils. (But due to the fact that states are not psychoanalyze !)

Each day, it rises to face the same problem : conceive the inconceivable ; it makes its way through this terribly painful time as if through a thorn bush. I do not know the fate personnel, far no, which would have made me bleed more. And I do not really after it, we can never become happy.

When you had written to me for the last time this summer, the struggles we thought were of another kind. But is it not, Wednesday evenings are held as usual ? (Even if much missing.) Without these special circumstances, I would certainly have taken part this winter.

I would send you out a test On Narcissism32 ? Above by entering a word souvenir ?

With my best wishes for you and your entire household.

Your Lou Andreas.

32. This work, "The introduction of narcissism" (1914), is the one most deeply occupied Lou A. S. and made unshakable confidence in Freud. Dedication of Freud on the offprint : "With loving memories of the solitary author. 25. XI. 1914. »

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