09-11-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

513 F

Prof.. Dr Freud

the 9 November 1914 Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Cher Ami,

I write to you today, 1) you acknowledge receipt of your letter of 3 and card that arrived today, 2) because I sent you, at the hotel, foil trials of sexual theory, 3) because I have a lot of time - more than a patient - 4) because I find, according to your actions, that you did not yet recovered and I am very unhappy.

New, little. L'Italien of Nocera (Bianchini) sent me, already today, the translation of the first Five Lessons, for which I wrote a preface1. The clinical history2, strong 116 pages, ended. Rank has carried today to read. She was thrown into serious doubt, which could not be completely resolved rationally, and I assume that the latent doubt, lurking in the shadows, as to whether we will overcome, There has added his two cents *. But there is something on which I would like your opinion. It is true that there are still six months to printing. The editor of the manual Kraus me today that it will not need before the end of 15-early 16 mon manuscrit, which was scheduled for April 1915. Each day, something crumbles. I do not know now what to fill my day with.

Martin was incorporated on Sunday Steyr 3, Seriously. was sick with the flu and needs to be in bad shape. Oli is constantly work 4, and seems to have been successful. Annerl is, as always, active and enjoyable. De Pfister, a letter beast and disciplined ; otherwise, when the cannons roar, the voice of psychoanalysis is not heard in the world.

If our friends have not done something quite decisive by Christmas, they will deal with Japanese, that will surely leave England to come to France, and then hope for a successful outcome will be buried 5.

I cordially greet you and await your news,

your Freud

2. See 511 F and note 1.

3. Small town in Upper Austria,

4. Oliver Freud, engineer, was in the process of conducting survey work for the construction of barracks nursing (Freud à Mitzi Freud, 30 X 1914, LOC).

5. From the beginning of the war, Japan had sided with the Entente and attacked the German positions in China and the Pacific Ocean. The German colony of Tsing- Tao tomba you 7 November 1914. However, despite the demand of England and France, Japanese refused to participate in the war in Europe.

* Textually : "There has added its horseradish", seasoning almost as commonplace in Austria salt. Horseradish comes in other familiar phrases, as : "I need him to grate horseradish", that is to say, I have no need for it.

1. This is from the letter of Freud drew attention to the preface in question, hitherto unpublished. In the next edition of the Bibliography of Freud it will appear under the number 191 F,n reads : "Preface. I gladly gave my consent to this translation, which realizes a wish former. For many years, I feel the need, to continue the work, to draw strength from the beauty of Italy ; countries in the literature which I am no longer a stranger, thanks to the efforts of the translator. The remarkable ability of understanding of Professor Levi-Bianchini ensures fidelity that any author has no chance to enjoy. I think psychoanalysis deserves the attention of doctors and educated people in générai, because it establishes a close relationship between psychiatry and other social sciences. I tried to give a more general description in an article in the journal Scientia (Bologna, 1913). Vienna, 1915, Freud.»

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