10-11-1914 Ferenczi to Freud


Potato A, the 10 November 1914 Address : Barracks of the Hussars

Dear Professor,

Firstly I would like to share a strange twist of fate. I forgot to mention in the analysis - as I have had time - a very unpleasant nasal symptoms, who had also disappeared for about a year ; it is, for me, the subjective sensation of a constant smell of ammonia. My Ent said this would come from the excitement of the ethmoidal cells or the olfactory nerve. But I think now it is, for the olfactory nerve, a sign of excitement similar to what happens with me also in the areas of auditory and optic nerves (as a result of poor circulation?). This symptom has now reappeared, but at the same time also emerged in me the following idea : tone too specific smell would it still not of psychogenic origin, that is to say, from my childhood urinary. Otherwise, we should consider this as a fortuitous coincidence especially remarkable.

Physically, I did not feel better here than in Vienna, but my mood was almost good : apathy and indifference predominated. For the first time today, the absurdity of existence and Pápa in the military I was a little depressed. I was also physically less well than usual : deafness into the afternoon, ammonia in the nose at night, bad dreams at night.

Here, the castle, in Count, I am housed.

It will interest you to know (I learned by Earl B., chamberlain of an archduke, which has been incorporated herein as captain), that in September, Garibaldi 1 raided in Tyrol, three thousand Italians and French. The Austrian army was prepared for - the whole lot was captured and sent to Rome by train, after a few dispatches court-yards.

It is strange that such a thing could be kept secret ! It was strictly forbidden to take Austrian soldiers, to escape the casus belli.

More, he said that we would receive 30 % war damage and possible, moreover, colonial powers of (in case of victory).

For my part, I am not attracted by the theater, but I would be transferred to Budapest ; my chances are minor.

I stopped self-analysis at the same time you said it was unlikely that I can continue. Your opinion has been for me - an order !

I just received the first pages of the Theory of Sexuality ! Thank you very much !

Greetings to family and colleagues,

Ferenczi your

A. Header pre-printed in blue.

1. This is probably the volunteer corps Italian "Garibaldi" (E. Jones, The life and work of Sigmund Freud, II, trad. Anne Berman, Paris, P.U.F., 1961, p. 187). Italy has declared war on Austria-Hungary as 23 may 1915.

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