11-11-1914 Eitingon to Freud

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Iglo, the 11 November [1914]a

Dear Professor,

I remember back to your memories and would like to ask how you are, you and yours, and what new you have received from your eldest son. Have you been long in Germany, Professor? So far we have been busy days, sometimes serving as a hospital for wounded, sometimes a hospital for victims of epidemics. At the moment we do except typhus few infectious diseases. The past months have destroyed my hope of returning home by the end of this year. Theaters of operations continue to expand. Many of our analysts have been recruited, Professor?

I have one small request to make : kindly send me another reprint of "History of the Psychoanalytic Movement" if you left a copy.

With my warmest greetings to yourself and your family

Yours M. Eitingon

a. Military Postcard.

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