14-11-1914 Freud to Eitingon

71 F

Vienna, the 14 November 1914a

Dear Doctor

I am happy to hear from you. Not much to say about us, two son in the army, one may be a little sick, à Salzbourg et Klagenfurt1. Practice almost completely interrupted, I write a lot2. I was twelve days in Berlin and Hamburg; very pleasing. Our members all busy doctors. Landau3 et Winterstein4 on the front,

Rank3, Sachs6, Reik(7) expect the review board, Ferenczi8 is 7and ment regimes Honved Hussars in Pápa. – "The History of the Psychoanalytic Movementb "Published, I have to look if there is a copy. Sincerely. Give me more news, please


  1. Military Postcard.
  2. Freud wrote uppercase Greek PsA [= Normally : psychoanalysis].
  3. In Salzburg was Martin Freud, à Klagenfurt Ernst (who was "a bit sick") that, after suspension of its adjournment, argued its "right to voluntary" (Freud à Abr., 18 October).
  4. That day, he had completed the history of the "Wolf Man" (Freud 1918b) (F/Fer II/1, p. 79).
  5. Karl Landauer (1887-1945), psychiatrist and neurologist, member of the VPA 1913, passes 1925 to the PDB (Corr.). From 1919 in Frankfurt am Main, in 1929 founder of the Frankfurt Psychoanalytic Institute. Émigré one Hollande one 1933, death in the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen (BL/W; H.-J. Rothe 1987).
  6. Alfred von Winterstein (1885-1958), Doctor of Letters, member of the VPA 1910 (BL/W).
  7. Otto Rank (1884-1939), from 1906 paid secretary of the Company on Wednesday Vienna (APV), 1912 Doctor of Letters, from 1912, co-editor of Imago, from 1913, executive editor of the Zeitschrift. Postwar, firm psychoanalysis (see 194 F 8), 1919, Director of Internationaler Psychoanalytischer Verlag, 1922, Vice President of the VPA. 1926, emigration in France and the United States (Lieberman 1985, Peters 1992, p. 233-247; BL/W). On how he turned away from the Freudian school from 1924, cf. 302 F sqq. and notes; Leitner also (1998) Introduc-tion and, p. 20-21.
  8. Hanns Sachs (1881-1947), lawyer, member of the VPA 1910, from 1912 codirec-tor Imago. 1919, practice of psychoanalysis, 1920, move to Berlin as an analyst didactics of APV / SAP (see 176 And 3). 1932, emigration to the United States (BL/W).
  9. Theodor Reik (1888-1969), 1911, member of the VPA, 1912 Doctor of Letters, provisionally in Berlin from February 1914. Its activity lay analyst sparked public controversy in the mid- 1920 Vienna (see 390 E and notes). 1928- 1932, à Berlin, 1933, Emigration one Hollande, 1938, United States (BL/W; Peters 1992, p. 203-214; Schröter 1996).
  10. Sandor Ferenczi (1873-1933), neurologist in Budapest, from 1908 in conjunction with Freud, founder and director until his death in Hungarian Psychoanalytic Association. 1918-1919, President API. Distanced himself with Freud during his last years (676 F and other). See F / Fer with introductions.

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