19-11-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

The proof that you sent me shows me that the mills of science have not completely stopped. Article (1), both in whole and in details, I was deeply convinced. In the interest of beginners, I would suggest that you develop some passage. Number in the closet 3, lines 7-12 recount an experience that has initiated on-field, but the neophyte regret that it is not supported on more details.

These technical tests every time I arrive in a timely; these days, the latter gave me good advice for a difficult treatment!

I average 3 at 4 sessions per day. In my experience, there are now more than one class of customers who enter (or rather, which can, for financial reasons, enter) processing : single men who have a legacy. This is true for all my current clients.

Zeitschrift and Imago arrived, as the Psychoanalytical Review (2) ; but I've read a small part.

I hope for both your son, went to the front, everything will continue to go for the best, here, morale is currently, and this is very positive, to hope. There are more than one topic on which I would like to extend; but writing, it is not possible. - With regard to revise your manuscript large, I would like to come to Vienna, but I do not know if, in the foreseeable future, I can go on a trip. Maybe between Christmas and New Year's Day.

At the hospital, 5o my patients give me strong to; work and success that accompany satisfy me much by themselves. - In our, all is well. To you and all yours, well my cordial greetings, as well as those of my wife.

Votre Karl Abraham.

(1) S. Freud : "New guidance for psychoanalytic technique : Observations on transference love ", 1915, trad. fr. In psychoanalytic technique in, P.U.F

(2) American Quarterly Review of Psychoanalysis.

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