22-11-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

517 Iron

Potato, the 22 November 1914

Dear Professor,

My long silence must have been caused by resistance ; but I do not know what the update was.

The analytical point of view, My condition can now characterize the following : I feel quite comfortable in the military situation homosexual; something in me seems to perfectly accommodate. The reason, however, protested against this way of life and wasting time ; so, à Budapest, I switched everything possible to expedite my transfer. – Ailments night and dreams that accompany them betray something like this : if my dream job manages to reconcile, in one way or another, currents homosexual and heterosexual, then I sleep well and wake up refreshed and ready ; otherwise, my discomfort occur. - I would like to transcribe a dream Zeitschrift very interesting, otherwise, explains a biblical episode, that of the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah It follows from the analysis that Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt because she not only returned to see the cities in flames, but also because the salt symbolizes simultaneously perverse mode of sexual satisfaction in these cities (the cunnilingus, etc.). (Explanation, together, expression Hungarian : "Even an old goat willingly licks salt.")

I have a little more to do here in my duties, because I take my job seriously health. Whereby, I have already been proposed for promotion by Commander, so that I will soon give the title of "Chief of Staff".

Today, I get very expensive visitors to Budapest : Madame G. and sister (2) come see my home Dad.

Meantime, I was here incognito shamefully destroyed : young ladies did invite me to a conference on psychoanalysis. I hope that I can express my refusal, with my regrets, dating my letter of Budapest. – I must say, on the other hand, there are many obstacles to a mutation in the war.

Thank you for sending events. They are, so to speak, an exhortation not to forget the science. It is curious to see how many seem obvious, now, revolutionary ideas that they contain.

I got here session analysis. But the patient did not return after the first.

Already have detailed information about the death of your brother ? Madame G. and I have both thought, although we, the prophecy of Jung s. We hope that destiny will satisfy one accident in the family.

Sincerely your Ferenczi

1. Genesis, XIX, 1-26. There was no note found Ferenczi on this topic.

2. Sarolta Morando, born Altschul.

3. Allusion unthinned. But see 519 F and 520 F.

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