30-11-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

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Potato, the 30 November 1914

Dear Professor,

The only disruption in our relationships - not quite negligible - due to the analysis begun manifests itself in this that I find difficult to match the tone for our. I oscillate between an ordinary letter and confession analytical writing, until resistance is expressed in this oscillation prevails, and the letter is not written at all.

You to share was a way to escape this difficulty. But you will understand and forgive you if, in my letters, self-centeredness of the neurotic lasts a long time.

I must tell you immediately experience this order, quite subjective, and yet in relation to world events. A lieutenant of hussars came today and told that Miskolcz military hospitals there had been evacuated. Nothing that the war has so far not terrible product gave me a strong impression that a new danger threatening the city of my fathers (more precisely : threatening, car this danger-in the meantime there seems to have been removed). You can imagine how this striking proof of my childhood attachment to the homeland surprised me. The rest, you again demonstrating your theory, namely that in fact, there is no love of country [Patriotism], but only a love of the city father ("Paternal love of the city") [Hometown love], There arise opportunities socio- interesting psychological on intimate relationship between narcissism and local patriotism on the one hand, between object-love and internationalism on the other. Being born and being raised in a small town has an inhibitory effect - it seems - on the development, in the sense of fixing the patriotism narcissistic.

The work I undertook (the translation of the Theory of Sexuality)1 advances only slowly. Disturbances of all kinds. Sometimes the hostess (Madame la Comtesse Eszterhazy, née Andrassy 2) arrived here in the meantime, comes and invites me to chat with her, sometimes I'm called to the barracks as a medical advisor for the commander polypragmatique * recently installed. More, obviously, I gladly let me disturb and do not rush back to my table.

I must admit that the news of your hard work did not only brought joy, but also a bit of shame to my lifestyle. It was not until the last few days (probably under the influence of the change in command) I think more often untenable character of this. Prospects for change are still very uncertain.

The latest theory sexual surprised me for a very small proportion, since most of the changes were already in preparation ; I pushed myself through the drawing up of certain details (and the reciprocal influence of erogenous zones and their relation to the sublimation)3, in a formulation less successful. In any of your works of scientific accuracy and objectivity dispassionate not expressed as clearly as in the theory of sexuality. We feel that every word is weighed more accurate ; it is the backbone of the entire edifice of psychoanalysis. The translation gives me great pleasure ; in this way, it 'owns' the work, so to speak.

Great discoveries you speak the more acute my eagerness to get to Vienna. However, it is impossible to know when I can leave, because we expect a visit from a general. Est-il Qu'en your project to come here some day ? One way or another : I want to read soon the great clinical history and hear about the great discoveries. Although my productivity has dried (definitely not, I hope), my understanding of the creations of others is not yet lost, at least not for now. - The railway between Vienna and Dad is very convenient - the outward and return. Please be advised that all trains contained in the indicator do not move between Györ and Dad, I'll tell you exactly which soon.

I end this letter, because I'm at all times threatened to skid on the analytically.

Just this again : the idea of ​​a link between the announcement of the death 4 and Jung's prophecy actually comes from Mrs. G., but I have not rejected. The other idea (la guerre, etc.), I had also, also. (Clearly a piece of this vision ** qu'a the son for the death of father !) My "occult" is clearly separated from the rest of knowledge and do not in any way interfere ; it is free of any mysticism.

Sincerely !


Should I publish the dream of columns salt and analytical interpretation of Lot's wife turned into a pillar of salt ? I interpret your silence about this as a sign that you did not like ; or is it that I'm wrong ?

* We retain the term coined by Ferenczi, which could have the meaning of "versatile".

** In French in the text.

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  4. Emanuel, half-brother of Freud.

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