25-11-1914 Freud to Lou

Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19

25. XI. 14

Dear Madam,

As a letter between Vienna and Göttingen is currently six days, I think I can respond immediately without seeming intrusive. The offprint desired travel without going through censorship and had already happen to you.

What you write gives me the courage to add my voice to yours. I have no doubt that humanity will return also this war, but I do know that I and my contemporaries no longer see the world as a happy day. It is too ugly ; the sad part about it, is that it is exactly as we should have been representing the men and their behavior according to the expectations aroused by the ψα. It is because of this attitude towards men that I've never been able to attune your blissful optimism. I had found the secret of my soul since we saw the highest culture of our time so horribly tainted with hypocrisy, is organically, we were not made for this crop. It only remains for us to withdraw and the great unknown destiny that hides resume cultural experiences of the same kind with a new breed.

I know that science is dead in appearance, but humanity seems really dead. It is a consolation to think that our German people is he who is best in the circumstances involved ; Perhaps because he is confident of victory. The dealer before bankruptcy is always deceitful.

In mercredis, which you removed a lot of value by stating that other time, you would have participated, no longer take place twice a month. They take place peacefully and in a somewhat superficial. Many are busy with their duties, some are missing altogether. I secretly working on things 33 very large and possibly rich content * ; lethargy after about two months, I have the freedom to make my interest and I feel very strongly that my head has taken advantage of the rest.

Two of my son34 are in the army, both still training period in provincial towns.

I send you my affectionate remembrance and think with pleasure after the war, we need to meet again soon.

Yours Freud,

* “Extensive, perhaps content-rich matters.”

33. In a letter to Karl Abraham dated 21 December, Freud wrote at the end : "I could have finished a new theory of neurosis with chapters on the fate of impulses, repression and the unconscious, if I wanted to work had not succumbed to my bad mood. »

34. Martin Freud, Elder, Ernst Freud et, the youngest.

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