29-11-1914 Jones to Freud


[Postcard (1)]

29 November 1914

69 Portland Court London

Dear Professor,

Hopefully you have received my letter. I suggest, the question of the [Uber (2)] «History» – Translation to leave Brill, he will know prefer-ably, as it is in America. (Journal u. Review, etc.) I would love to hear, Rank or whether Sachs […(3)] must engage.

Here all is well. No news.

With kindest regards to all friends,

Your faithful

Jones (4).

1. Addressed to "Van Emden, The Hague », and redirected to "Berggasse 19, Vienna ». It reads : "Dear Professor,

I hope you received my letter. I suggest you leave the question of the Brill translation of the «History» ; it is best placed to know what it is in America, {Journal and Review, etc.). I want to know if Rank and Sachs must be mobilized.

All is well here. Nothing new.

My warmest greetings to all friends,

Your faithful

Jones. »

2. Lined in the original.

3. Several illegible letters scratched.

4. On the map, Van Emden added this note : "Magazines for Jones I have not received from you. Many warm greetings from your devoted J. in. Emden. » (Have not received your magazines for Jones. With my sincere friendships, respectfully to you, J. in. Emden.)

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