04-12-1914 Lou to Freud


the 4. XII. 1914

Dear Professor,

In the midst of all this sadness, you write something wonderful : your mind has regained her liberty, you are back to work and that you long rest was involuntary rather profitable. It was only later, when it's ripe for the impression that this happens to me. This is what I already thought impatiently when I saw the Magazine September echoes of your conference in April to the Company on narcissism, conference that I could then read that in the new Yearbook. This is not the first time that I write from the receipt of reprint of this test, not from one of your last letter which I am very grateful. More, with regard to the theme of narcissism, it became too large, burst was part of a letter and seemed very pretentious. This will happen to you one day or another, and some form, because this theme has long pursued me ; it is certain that this circumstance is based on personal reasons, without thereby, hopefully, This digress on the objective plane.

At a point, it affects your position as to mine about the seriousness of our time and also what you call my optimism, which seems to run now a dismal failure. This does not prevent me from continuing to think that behind human activities and which can be reached psychoanalytically, is an abyss where the pulses the most valuable and the most infamous condition each other that we can not distinguish them from each other and, so, not make a final judgment. This remarkable unit is a fact not only in the degree suddenly crossed life's most archaic (of humanity as an individual) but constantly and for each. This is likely to destroy all pride, but also to give courage to the timid more. Certainly, it does not change our repulsion or to our delight regarding a mode of human expression and it is for this that'To a time like ours, all joy and hope can therefore fatal disease ; but it is also known by itself- Just as we do not "saw" that last hope, so that should count for all. It should… But this is not the case, not today, then it would be possible if we only wanted to use it with enough willpower - it only helps me a little.

But I must quickly concluded, otherwise, I retomberais in my prolixity the other day.

Very affectionately.

Your Lou.

As Yearbook became good and interesting! Juice-only reports 35, especially that of Ferenczi and Rank. Remarkable as the work of Jones and Abraham as an accompaniment to your two papers 36.

35. In 6and volume Yearbook, Ferenczi had a report on "the general theory of the neuroses", Rank one on the many books on the "Interpretation of Dreams". (These reports were reviewing the "progress of psychoanalysis 1909 to 1913. ") The work of Jones theme : "The design for the ear of the mother of the Virgin. A contribution to the relationship between art and religion. »L'essai d'Abraham s'intitule : "Limitations and modifications of voyeurism neurotics. Notes about similar events in the collective psychology " (trad. fr. in Complete Works de Karl Abraham, flight. II, Payot, 1966).

36. This is the sixth volume of Yearbook appeared as "On Narcissism" and "Contribution to the history of the psychoanalytic movement".

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