14-12-1914 Freud to Jones

[summary of Freud's letter by J. It. G. in Emden]

14 December 1914 La Haye

Cher ami,

Prof.. Freud was of the opinion that it can respond to you directly, he asked me to let you know that :

Rank and Sachs are free ; he will try to urgently send you the Zeitschrift ; you must make his compliments to Loe and J Herbert. and encourage them to write to him. The question of the English translation of the history of the movement ps. a., Of course he transferred to Brill (1). New Year released at Naples Italian translation by Bianchini lectures on American Ps. A.(2) The third edition of the sexual theory is in press (3). Practice very low ; the whole situation becomes monotonous. He prepares a few items which. Martin and Ernst are still lively and writing instruction. Anna is occupied by the nursery and the soup ; old ladies are fine, his wife spent two weeks in Hamburg. Oli built barracks in the district hospitals. The weather is bad, and everyone suffers from catarrh and fever…

Nothing new here. With my best wishes

sincerely to you

J.v. Emden

1. Brill (1916 b).

2. M. Levi-Bianchini, On psychoanalysis, Bibliotheca International Psychiatry, Naples, Nocera Superiore, 1915.

3. Freud (1905 d), 3and ed. 1915.

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