02-12-1914 Eitingon to Freud

72 It

Hatvan, the 2 December [1914]a

Dear Professor,

once again on the road, following the evacuation of northern Hungary our hospital was also transferred, we need to move to a small town on the Danube, Fadd ; we expect here, at Hatvan, final order. In this expectation, was easily discovered the impression that more often feel useful in determining existing series in psychoanalysis and in the larger series where it is currently. – Would it be immodest, dear Professor, ask you a few allusions to the work that you now occupy? – The interests of psychoanalysis, repressed by the huge pressure these days of July and August, begin to make noise and want to be "back1 ». –

Rank, Sachs, Reik they are already past the review board ?

Many greetings to you and yours from your

dedicated M. Eitingon

  1. Military Postcard.
  2. Underlined in the manuscript letters uppercase and separated.

1. Referring to the concept of "return of the repressed" that Freud had standardized 1896 (1896b, p. 401-403).

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