02-12-1914 Freud to Ferenczi


Prof.. Dr Freud

the 2 December 1914 Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Cher Ami,

Received your letter today. Also regrets the interruption of the analysis so promising. We must remember that everything has been done to ensure that trees do not grow to the sky *. En revanche, if the war had not come, you would not have had the opportunity to spend your vacation in Vienna, for my part, I may be hesitant to entrust me with you. The state of affairs remains unpleasant.

You must not conclude my silence about the dream of Lot's wife that this : I wanted to wait to send this small publication, before I comment on it. Why should I oppose ?

Sachs was released today, soon as we hope to Rank, who defends himself like a lion against the relatively cheerful letters home from the two boys who are in Salzburg and Klagenfurt 2. My wife home tomorrow Hamburg. Rank will send a circular letter addressed to me that Jones 3.

I have no idea abandoned my visit to Papa. I await your information on opportunities rail. It would still not immediately, considering my work. My fate in this respect was similar to that of the Germans in the war. The first success was an ease and a surprising extent ; I was therefore led to further, and now I have come to things so hard and opaque I'm not sure to overcome. War let me, anyway, time for all experiments, but I am now as a result of current difficulties and I can not say anything. It is to go further in the problems I had stopped in sexual Theory.

Customer is clearly lower than in its infancy and is therefore entitled to a total neglect of mine. I have exactly two patients, both Hungarian !

With my cordial greetings and waiting for your new,

your Freud

* Proverb as well as Austrian Hungarian to say that there are limits to everything.

  1. Hanns Sachs was reformed because of his myopia, but he was called again, and Rank, during the summer of the following year (Jones, II, p. 188).
  2. This is Martin, who stayed longer than expected in Salzburg (see 498 F) and was mobilized in January 1915 (Freud to Eitingon, 17.1.1915, Sigmund Freud Copyrights, Wivenhoe [henceforth : SFC]) and that Ernst, since 8 October 1914, was his military training in the artillery in Klagenfurt (capital of the province of Carinthia, in the south of present day Austria).
  3. It is probably mentioned in the letter 519 F.

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