06-12-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

What you say in your last letter I was really interested and very pleased. In general, we only hear about trenches, numbers of prisoners, etc. ; but now finally a sign that our science is also still alive. I am very anxious to know what ideas you have matured in the short time that has elapsed since our last meeting, and I look forward to coming to Vienna between Christmas and New Year's Day. But it is very problematic; in fact, I do not even know if I will continue to take care of the hospital. Maybe we have the pleasure, meantime, receive a visit from your wife on her return from Hamburg. If she would give us a few hours, we would be very happy.

It's good to see you so full of zest for work. From this point of view there, I feel very much as. Although I do not be rested for the summer, I highly resistant to the large amount of work. My sessions are always maintained at a rate of 3 at 4 per day. But it is possible that the mobilization of the reserve make a dent in my small group of customers.

What will happen to the next Jahrbuch? So far, I did a work Sadger. On your side, I can count on the great work which you have spoken several times. Reik me know that its contribution fell into the water. We may well overcome accounts; but I think we run out of original work. For my part, personally, I can not guarantee that I will put something up in the coming months. The hospital takes me too long. Moreover, This year the Jahrbuch never find lessee, and will probably Deuticke difficulties. Then, qu'en sera-t-il?

You have already, dear Professor, AFAIK, a manuscript sizable reserve; in your last letter, you telling me that Reik finished something; his "Couvade", also, is always unique. We may also contact Jones via Van Emden, to see if something. Ferenczi, Rank and Sachs will certainly bring their contribution. Of Sadger we already have a manuscript. For my part, I intend to develop the issue of premature ejaculation. Maybe we could all increase some miscellany. All the work that will be later in the course of the next year would be the capital base of our three periodic 1916, where they could again appear separately. If you think this proposal questionable, you can talk with our Viennese friends.

Your momentary pessimism me désolerait, if it followed a period of intense productivity. Results like that you have hinted recently do not fall from the sky every day; but it is equally certain that they are renewed. One, as I hope, I'll see you in a while, I'm sure you speak to me again with new ideas and new findings. Sure, not everyone has the chance of Mme Salome with 6 big brothers. Still, you have now 6 co-operators, small, but faithful, who have at heart, in times like this, to cheer you up.

On the front, the situation is, I believe, more favorable than we told. Particularly, Russian army looks completely demoralized. We hear much talk here of the will of our enemies to make peace; but we do not know whether to believe. Current setbacks are unwelcome in Serbia; we can assume that the Serbs have received reinforcements from outside.

I hope, next time, I will have you and yours, and your son, that's good news, and I send you all my very best wishes, as well as those of my wife.

Votre Karl Abraham.

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