15-12-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

524 F

Prof.. Dr Freud

the 15 December 1914 Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Cher Ami,

Further evidence of the smallness of the world. One of my patients has found sporadic, few days before your letter, in your beloved Dad gave me and departure times, but thought it would not be possible to return the same day. My visit is now challenged by an aggressive resurgence of my chronic intestinal disorders. For three years already that the effect persists for four months Karlsbad.

In the work, en revanche, everything works again. I saw, as my brother, trench in my private, I indulge in speculation and I write ; and, after heavy fighting, I have taken the first series of puzzles and challenges. Anguish, hysteria and paranoia have capitulated (1). We'll see how far the success can be pushed. Many good things have come out, the choice of neurosis and regressions are completed without difficulty. Your introjection (2) proved quite usable ; some progress in the development phases of me. The meaning of the whole depends on my success in controlling what is proper dynamic, is the problem of pleasure-displeasure, which I doubt, the true, after my previous attempts. More, even without that, I can say that I have already given the world more than it gave me. I am more than ever now isolated from the world, and I will also later, because of the foreseeable consequences of the war ; I know that I am currently writing for five people (3), for you and a few others. Germany did not deserve my sympathy as an analyst, and it is better not to talk about our common homeland.

My son Max (4), also, passed by the board at Hamburg ; it will however mobilized in an indeterminate time. Spring, happen when the great bloodbath, I will, for my part, three or four son. My confidence in the future after the war is greatly reduced. Indeed, we learned today the evacuation of Belgrade (5), occupied so spectacularly there fifteen days. We maintain three months of the inevitable collapse of Serbia. Many distaste for the way we do things.

I can not expect you to work a lot to Dad ; I presume also that New Year Heller propose stopping our magazines (6), and we shall have nothing relevant to oppose him, since there little work, no readers or subscribers. It will not prevent the erosion. Naturally he will promise to resume after the war. More… Association, also, died. We do not wake up more. We can not keep the word "international" in our title (7).

Rank meanwhile found an attractive solution to the problem of Homer, using a hypothesis ψα (8). That we had fun, it was almost as funny as research on fire Brioni (9).

At home, we crossed, fortunately without damage, including my elderly mother seventy-nine, flu epidemic currently raging. A Noël, Ernst may come ; for Martin, it is unlikely. Do not you intend, you also, permission on Christmas ?

I cordially greet you and await your news,

your Freud

1. These three articles metapsychological, Unpublished. See "Introduction to the metapsychological writings” of 1915 in the German edition: Study Edition, III, p 71 sq.

2. Introduced by Ferenczi in "Transfer and introjection" (1909 [67]), Psychoanalysis, The, p. 93-125.

3. The five members that then included the Secret Committee : Abraham, Ferenczi, Jones, Rank Sachs et.

4. Max Halberstadt, mari de Sophie Freud.

5. The 15 December, Belgrade was abandoned without resistance.

6. The Magazine and Image. First appeared still 1915 ; year 1916-1917 was printed in 1918. Image interrupted its publication in 1915 and reappeared in 1916; she interrupted again publication between 1917 and 1918 ; year 1919 was published in Internationaler Psychoanalytischer Verlag newly founded.

7. It is the title of the International Journal of Medical Psychoanalysis.

8. See 519 F, note 4

9. T see. The, 469 Iron and notes 3, as 470 F.

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