18-12-1914 Ferenczi to Freud


Pope, the 18 December 1914

Dear Professor,

Your letter of today has really brought a lot of pleasure. Judging from its contents, a significant amount of intellectual satisfaction awaits me when I will read your latest ideas ; Furthermore - and although he and of itself this is a regrettable statement -, I was delighted to be one of the few to see if your ideas develop in statu nascendi * and make their profit. I noticed also, translating your sexual Theory – incorporated in porant word for word its contents - that your sentences short and often dry concealed innumerable problems – indeed all the problems of psychology - and partly an indication of the direction in which the solution should be. However, that your latest finds, and the ideas that arose independently at home, are already prétravaillées, without exception, in the first version of the Theory of Sexuality, seems even more remarkable. The mystic in me (you safe-timez) Silberer affirm with all that came later was stored in your drawers, at that time already, as feeling. But the most sober of my power of judgment suggests to me that you obviously still forced to strict honesty and prudent and have demonstrated an incredible severity against products of your imagination ; This is enough to explain the fact that everything fits so well. Truth, there is only one /*/ ; and truths must be in harmony with each other.

I believe that we should not abandon the Zeitschrift, provided that it is possible. Rather renounce its size and the magnificent title of "international", etc. But there must be a place to get your work are of lesser importance and also gives you the opportunity to write a few things, technical or other. For us "five" as, such a body is essential, especially for me, the author of ψα the shortest breath, who certainly never succeed exploit a booklet independent. Your pessimism – justified as regards the A.[utriche]-H.[ongrie] – seems to have partly shifted from the political science. Neurotics, there will also after the war, as well as psychological problems unexplained, or therapy and, neither theory can not do without psychoanalysis ; they have "simply" no chance to advance without it.

My observations in my current position are really characteristic, I hope I can soon tell you personally. Certainly, I do not think the trip would be in a single day, but you would need two days to the shipping ; which, it is true, is already a bit more difficult to achieve.

Tell personal things is not easy, once you've tasted the thoroughness ψα. Physically I'm pretty much, mentally not bad, in the existence of private thoughts - somewhat dull - I do not dare go out rarely, or almost never, to venture into spheres painful - not yet clarified - my Ics. These weeks of analysis, the major psychological benefit that I recorded is the recognition of violence in homosexual urges me. As for the solution of the relationship with the woman - and it is she who gives us the first real life - I'm not able. Occasionally, rapid examination of a dream brings me confirmation of your proposed solution : 1) urinary eroticism - ambition - scene observed by night (?), 2) importance of the issue of child, etc.

The rest, it comes to mind, instantly, that the resistance with respect to Ms. G. (whom I have not written for two weeks already) could be related to the fact that Elma is these days in Budapest Bride, and that it could awaken in me the whole question, unresolved in Vienna, my relationship with her.

More, what good place all these problems ? Perhaps correct me- you again one day treatment ; until then we must learn somehow.

I have a more severe commandant now. But if you could come (what is possible given what I said above, and your health), then I would go to Vienna for two days, weekdays. In no event at Christmas : Christmas gives absolutely no one permission.

Cordial greetings to you and those you love

de Ferenczi

/*/ And not more, as suggested Zurich.

* Latin in the text : nascent.

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