26-12-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

Your letter of buffered 22 dated December 21 arrived here from the 24; postal links seem to improve. We are also required, of course, to give our letters to Austria still open to post; if you are my last letters received closed, is that they were killed by the supervisory authorities. It also happens that I receive your letters sealed; they bear an official stamp on the back.

I do not lose sight of my planned trip to Vienna, and as soon as I can arrange me, I will put into action with great pleasure, especially since I know that I can be of some use personally.

The scientific part of your letter seemed light, in the strict sense that I've been able to assimilate. But some points I still do not. I do not suppose that unless I have not understood me seem equally convincing as soon as I have understood. I would like this book at our meeting, that. I hope, does not delay.

What you say is fine by Rank ; I certainly do not know yet what the problem unraveled Rank in Homer, but I'm very happy for him and for us all perseverance and success. As for my thesis, I do not know at all what is happening with. I hope to work a little, on occasion, during the war, on psychoses; but the observational material has so far hardly been favorable. This is also the default equipment appropriate for the work I had already found himself interrupted. I do not know at all yet what will happen at the end of the war, - It seems, From what you say, Ferenczi goes well. Long ago that I no longer new Eitingon. Here, I received a card through Jones Van Emden; the tone is so friendly that it is permissible when writing an enemy country. Nothing new in what he writes. I find touching Trigant Burrow.

To you, and all yours, I send my most cordial greetings !

Votre Karl Abraham.

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