30-12-1914 Freud to Abraham

* Vienna IX, Berggasse 19


Cher ami,

I am very sorry to hear that you are not yet restored and your wife through the same ordeal. We live in a time where we should be at least health. Epidemic in our family ended, Ernst but must keep the bed in Klagenfurt with severe angina which he probably never recovered slowly. We obviously can not do anything for him. According to today's letter, although still feverish, he returned to the barracks.

Impotence and misery have always been what I hated most, and I fear that both did threaten us now.

Deuticke me that he did not publish in Jahrbuch 1915, since he could not send even one of 1914- He said that all his activity is reduced, and he claims the example of German publishers known that many suspended publication during the entire duration of the war. That's what I thought when I heard your intentions in your last letter.

The Heller, we do not know yet; Moreover, we have nothing to expect.

When you come here - I'm glad you do not have renounced - you can, of course, to talk at length with D. I reserve for this opportunity all my information on the discoveries made by Homer about Rank. My own work is stopped. I was not able to overcome difficulties and, because of my mood, discoveries I've made so far do not give me as much pleasure. As a result of this alienation I often wonder in bewilderment how I can be very good. The first remedy to be applied is that of course we now recommend to all : wait and take good.

Jones writes tirelessly in the same tone; I do not know if my answers reach the.

Perhaps you will receive the Theory of Sexuality before this letter.

I wish you all a very speedy recovery.

Your cordially dedicated


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