31-12-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

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Potato, the 31 December 1914

Dear Professor,

Or donc, pay tribute to the ancient magic of thinking and we want to each other a happy new year. One, in addition métapsychique, use this magical substance had a metaphysical or physical, then the collective desire of so many millions of unhappy and dissatisfied should, this time, condense into a formidable power which would eliminate all obstacles on the path to peace. Hope, even without the help of such occult (that, unfortunately, not occur anywhere), material and mental exhaustion of all parties to the agreement will soon lead. Retrospectively, I must point out as the most precious personal events from the past year a few weeks in your analysis. Despite its incompleteness, I notice every day she was able to change, to some extent, my neurotic disposition significantly in recent years. This personal factor increases again – if possible - the gratitude I owe anyway the creator of psychoanalysis.

At our last meeting in addition to the force of your mind and fertility, my own behavior, also, I was pleased ; spontaneity and lack of discomfort in my relationship with you is surely a success mode analytical expression.

You are probably more exposed to external events than me ahead. Is that you must ensure that the work of your life and your family ; for my part, I still have not reached the final options * - Despite my age – and am still deeply caught up in the juvenile - not to mention the child. Perhaps this chronic juvenility she retains a bit premature aging ; it prevents certainly fulfill its duty personal and social.

Let these ruminations ! I take the spells and wishes to all those who are dear to you all the best for the coming year.

Receive cordial greetings and appreciative of

Your affectionately dedicated, Ferenczi

I will send the manuscript2 when the position is less busy. I received the new theory sex.[ow] and thank you.

* Latin in the text : definitivum.

  1. The 20 and 21 December, Ferenczi visited Freud, Vienna (Freud to Abraham, 21 XII 1914, unpublished letter, Freud Museum in London [henceforth : FM]).
  2. This is perhaps the article on "The dream of a pillar of salt" mentioned in previous letters.

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