25-12-1914 Freud to Jones

International Journal of Psychoanalysis MEDICAL

25 December 1914 Vienna

Dear Dr Jones*,

Your letter arrived just on Christmas Eve and I was very pleased and touched, and all attempts you have made to maintain a link between us. I did meet several times through the kindness of Dr. van Emden and have not yet seen evidence that you have received my answers. So if you do not receive a response from me, How can I let you know that it is not my fault ?

The history of the translation of my article history is virtually impossible to clarify in these times. I think I finally understand now how it happened. Brill was obviously suspicious and Jelliffe phony as usual. But I think you also, you have somewhat changed attitude vis-à-vis psychoanalysis Review. Total, the moment she was born, I do not care where the translation appears and who made. I have of course never wanted to cause injury to Brill, him and consequently left the initiative of all decisions.

I am under no illusion and see that the heyday of our science is now rudely interrupted, As we move into a period bad, and there can be no question as to preserve the state fire embers in some homes, until a more favorable wind allows us to kick-start. That Jung and Adler left the movement collapsed in strife now nations. The Verein is no more tenable that everything has an international dimension. Our journals will soon cease publication ; may arrive- us to continue the Zeitschrift. Everything you wanted to deal carefully and closely monitored for should be left to his fate and anarchic grow in all directions. The future of the cause, you so much at heart, do not worry, naturally, but the near future, the only one I can interest, seems hopelessly clouded, and I did not throw stone to leave the ship rat. I try once again to bring in a kind of synthesis for what I can still contribute2. It is a work that has already produced many new, which unfortunately is disturbed by my sudden mood swings.

You write that your "operation" will take place at the end of this week. I do not know obviously not what you mean, and concluded that a letter has been lost; but the way you talk, it can not be something serious. As you can imagine, my medical activity is reduced to a minimum, two to three hours per day. In fact, even in Vienna, I never really found a minimum customer ; most of those who want to come can not do. It is this limitation that I actually supports the less, Accustomed as I am twenty years to work abundant, and not to use little more than a fraction of my free time to write.

Strangely, I have no news of Putnam3 ; Trigant Burrow me recently proposed a refuge in his house in Baltimore ! ! Pfister wrote on the occasion ; he left Zurich, but we have not reached, and I'm not exactly in the mood friendly and warm hesitant. I think other Swiss will soon realize that the psyche is not, currently, the kind of thing with which we can do business and they will direct their work in other directions. If we had not been spoiled by years triumphal, could settle the situation.

I guess we will arrange you somewhere, as soon as the noise of war will be dropped and that travel will be allowed back. But when it does it will be ? For the time being, it has not even the shadow of an idea4. This kind of private conference may be a new beginning of our public activity, but nonetheless it marks the end of that which was ours.

I cordially greet you and thank you for your friendships on behalf of all my. Hold until our reunion.

Yours faithfully,


  1. In English in the original.
  2. Studies "metapsychology" only partially survived ; see Freud (1915 c, 1915 d, 1915 and, 1917 d, 1917 and) ; Grubrich-Simitis (1987), et Barry Silverstein, «Now Comes a Sad Story»: Freud’s Lost Metapsychological Papers, in Freud : Appraisals and Reappraisals : Contributions to Freud Stu­dies, flight. The, ed. Paul Stepansky, New York, The Analytic Press, 1986, p. 143-195.
  3. The apologetic tone is evident in Putnam's letter to Freud (beginning 1915), in Hale (1971 a, p. 177),
  4. German shows here : "It Can not even guess to book now. "The use here of Freud Ahnen, literally have a premonition or foresight, is very strong. The word comes from der Ahn (the. Suspect), means that the ancestors, the ancestors. Le improve allemand deem (n. Attention), which means esteem or respect, has the same root as Gothic der Ahn.

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