Jacques Lacan: Belgian School of Psychoanalysis

[Jacques Lacan], This is the first of two lectures given by Lacan at faculté universitaire St. Louis, in Brussels, the 9 mars 1960. This text was published in the spring 1986 in the journal of the Belgian School of Psychoanalysis, Psychoanalyse, # 4, pp. 163-187, issue totally dedicated to Jacques Lacan. (The first publication of one or two conference(s) was given 1982, in Quarto in, Belgian Supplement to The monthly newsletter of the School of Freudian cause, as referenced by title only J.Dor "Psychoanalysis is it a constituant for an ethics that would be the one that our time requires" is that given by Lacan in his second conference in Brussels; this internal publication could be found). In this issue of the journal Psychoanalyse, the title "At this place, I wish finishes my life consumption? "Is not what Lacan himself had proposed, as stated in the last lines of the presentation of the two conferences: "Lacan, unusual fact, had written most of the text of his two speeches. He had announced them as follows: 1. Freud, about morality, has a correct weight, 2. Psychoanalysis is it a constituent for an ethics that our time requires? ». However, we leave the presentation of the text in its title as it was in the publication:, Date: 09 mars 1960, Medium: Text / HTML, Quality: NA, Size: 69K bytes, Collected by aejcpp


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