Jacques Lacan: Response to the opinions expressed by the members of the School

[Jacques Lacan], The 6 December 1967, The Director of the School meets the "opinion" expressed by the members of the School on his proposal of 9 October. This oral answer, ipso facto transcribed by Dr. Solange Faladé is distributed to the staff members of the School, A.E. and A.M.E. Reading requires knowledge of the context: or "advice" which Lacan responds by pressing the seminar that just started the psychoanalytic act. This is a spoken discourse, fixed after recollection of these "notice" taped. It is reproduced here as we received the transcription. "Advice" were at the time open to members of the School who had heard it. This tape recording was published in Scilicet 2/3, pp. 9-29 but then it is a rewrite of this transcription, since at the beginning of the page 27 of Scilicet the reference to the emotion of May indicates that this text is after May 1968: nothing like that here. The comparison between the two texts, however, shows a few sentences remained intact in the transition from one to another, photocopied document, pp. 1-13., Date: 06 December 1967, Medium: Text / HTML, Quality: NA, Size: 66K bytes, Collected by aejcpp


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