Jacques Lacan: Belgian School of Psychoanalysis

[Jacques Lacan], This is the second lecture by Lacan at the Saint Louis University faculty, in Brussels, the 10 March 1960. This text was published in the spring 1986 in the journal of the Belgian School of Psychoanalysis, Psychoanalyse, # 4, pp. 163-187, issue totally dedicated to Jacques Lacan. (The first publication of this lecture was given by 1982, Quarto in addition to the monthly newsletter Belgian School of the Freudian cause; this internal publication could not be found). In the journal Psychoanalysis, the title given to this conference : «II ? ? I will not add "is not one that Lacan himself had proposed (cf. Conference 09.03.60), namely: «2. Psychoanalysis is it ethical for a constituent that would require our time ". However, we leave the presentation of this text as the title of the publication., Date: 10 March 1969, Medium: Text / HTML, Quality: NA, Size: 59K bytes, Collected by aejcpp


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