Echange audio: Philippe Lacadé for the release of his book "The Awakening and exile"

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When a company is in crisis, modes of being of adolescents often appear as the spearhead of questioning of this company. Adolescence can become the place of locating a historical question: evidence that the encounter between past and future, between heritage and become. Hannah Arendt had already pointed: each generation, how the company recognizes the new element appears in the way it welcomes in adolescence. Psychoanalytic clinic adolescents shows that the movement inherent in the phenomenon of adolescence is not that sexual and instinctual, interroge aussi il, Report from the common language, how each must find its place in a speech which makes social bonds.

How about the teenager may be translated excess sensuality, who broke into his body and that may trigger this weird pain evoked by Rimbaud? How to address the confusion he feels be exiled from his country childhood? What price the adolescent will he pay for this step risk? What leeway he has? He will risk his life, real life, or will he consent to sacrifice a part of the enjoyment that is at stake here? Without making any formatted response, This book proposes to rely on a psychoanalyst's involvement with other lighting disciplines, not to address the issue of adolescents outside of how each intends to find a language.

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Philippe Lacadée, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst in Bordeaux, psychiatrist attached to the day center for teenagers half-moon, Villenave Ornon (Cadillac CHS), Member of the School of the Freudian Cause and the World Association of Psychoanalysis, and vice president of CIEN (Interdisciplinary Center on Child). Misunderstanding the author of the child Editions Payot Lausanne, collection ” Psyche “, 2003.

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