“Not only the tradition has preserved the names of all the dogs that devoured Actaeon but kept the order in which took place the quarry. First it was that Mélanchétès, arising behind Actaeon, gave back the first bite. Théodamas was the second visa and kidneys. Orésitrophos clung to his shoulder. Then all hooks felled one after the other on the body of the hunter As the human body became the body of a magnificent stag. First his favorite dogs: Ichnobates born Gnosis, Melampus born in Sparta, Pamphagos, Dorcée, Oribasos. Then the huge Nébrophonos, the rapid Pterelas, the savage Theron, Agre incredible flair. Then Lélaps, Hylée, Péménis, Dromas, Canachè, Stictè, Tigris, Alcée, Thous. Nape then that is still a wolf, Ladon Sicyon so thin, Aello the infatigable, Leukon white as snow, Harpya and two small. Then Lyciscè and his brother Cyprus, Absolute all black, Harpalus with a white spot on the forehead, Melanee, Lachné, the Laconian, Labros, Agriodos. The latest was the voice Hylactor painful, you aiguë, so piercing and it was the bone of the right hand of Actaeon, not yet transformed into a shoe, he held between his teeth.”

Pascal Quignard, Last kingdom VII, The baffled, p. 225.

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