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YLETRO: A stove in Auvergne

YLETRO a stove in Auvergne

The stove design

On YouTube

On Daily Motion:



On YouTube

On Daily Motion:

At the heart of the Auvergne in France (very cold in winter), a very creative inventor makes objects, mostly metal. Here's a wood stove, very effective, ecological and, incomprehensible without the how-to explanations! Here is the design and implementation of this stove
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Ambrogio Galbiati, The Cave of the Deers

The film “The Cave of the Deers” by Ambrogio Galbiati and an extract from the comments

In the first source on Lutetium (LTC) and the second on YouTube (YT)

The film (YT)

Entretien (LTC)
Jacques Siboni commente le film “la Grotte des Cerfs”