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Jacques Lacan: Response to the opinions expressed by the members of the School

[Jacques Lacan], The 6 December 1967, The Director of the School meets the "opinion" expressed by the members of the School on his proposal of 9 October. This oral answer, ipso facto transcribed by Dr. Solange Faladé is distributed to the staff members of the School, A.E. and A.M.E. Reading requires knowledge of the context: or "advice" which Lacan responds by pressing the seminar that just started the psychoanalytic act. This is a spoken discourse, fixed after recollection of these "notice" taped. It is reproduced here as we received the transcription. "Advice" were at the time open to members of the School who had heard it. This tape recording was published in Scilicet 2/3, pp. 9-29 but then it is a rewrite of this transcription, since at the beginning of the page 27 of Scilicet the reference to the emotion of May indicates that this text is after May 1968: nothing like that here. The comparison between the two texts, however, shows a few sentences remained intact in the transition from one to another, photocopied document, pp. 1-13., Date: 06 December 1967, Medium: Text / HTML, Quality: NA, Size: 66K bytes, Collected by aejcpp

Jacques Lacan: Scilicet No 2/3

[Jacques Lacan], The proposal J.Lacan dated of 9 October 1967 events giving rise to the view that it sought and were recorded on tape, J.Lacan in response gave the 6 December 1967 a speech which was published in the form below in Scilicet 2/3, pp. 9-29. Dots page 24, make the separation between rewriting the speech 6 December 1967 and subsequently dated 1 October 1970 (this date is also likely that the rewriting)., Date: 06 December 1967, Medium: Text / HTML, Quality: NA, Size: 87K bytes, Collected by aejcpp

Jacques Lacan: Proposal of 9 October

[Jacques Lacan], In 1966 was created, under the authority of Dr.Henri Ey, the Circle of psychiatric studies. A cycle of education was organized, wherein a section was reserved psychoanalysis. It is in this context that Dr.. Jacques Lacan had agreed to intervene. The 10 November 1967, there was a conference on psychoanalysis and the training of the psychiatrist. This lecture was recorded on magnetic tape. Recall the context of the time: the "Proposal of 9 October "by Dr.. Lacan, with the dissensions which would lead to the creation of the "Fourth Group", the preparation of the journal "Scilicet" with its principle of unsigned text, Lacan's announcement by the title of his next seminar on "psychoanalytic Act" and the announcement of the concomitant failure of his education as he was only dedicated to psychoanalysts. The transcriber has chosen to give this "little speech to psychiatrists of Sainte-Anne", a written form that reproduces up to the possible extent, the spoken style, with the artifices of punctuation which cannot be avoided. Are maintained suspense, hesitations, scansions, repetitions and lapses as integral parts of speech. Indications of changes would unnecessarily have overloaded the text, let know only that the speaker did not hesitate to make use of: biting, or creaking at the beginning, incisive and concise in the part where there is the theory of language, confidential and very sweet at the end. The poor quality of the recording did not permit to transcribe a few passages in all. D?where the use of signs [?] passages that indicate absolutely inaudible and therefore left blank or the corrections of the transcriber. Brackets a few corrections to the text of the original transcript. Finally brackets are noted the reactions of the audience., Date: 10 November 1967, Medium: Text / HTML, Quality: NA, Size: 109K bytes, Collected by aejcpp