24-05-1907 Jung to Freud

26 J

Burghölzli Zurich, 24. In. 07.

Honored Professor!

Your Materials is beautiful! I recently read a line. The clarity of your presentation is fascinating, and must, I think, be struck by the gods sevenfold blindness not to see finally. But the real psychiatrists and psychologists to manage all! I do not be surprised if the academic side is brought to this occasion all the platitudes fools we have already raised against you. I must often try to put in the time before the reformation of my mind to experience psychological reasons that are raised against you. Long ago that I do not understand more. My thought then seems not only incorrect and incomplete in terms of understanding, but in truth also poor moral; it now seems like a great dishonesty to myself. You have probably perfectly right in seeking affects the resistance of opponents, especially affects sexual. I am extremely excited to see that the complex sexual tell your public Materials, Yet although harmless in this regard. What I am most angry, it would simply treating it with kindness. Jensen said that (1) itself?

Can I ask you to tell me during what judgment you reserve literary side? A question that you put it down, open, and whose criticism may seize, is why the complex is repressed in Hanold. Why did he leave not carry on track with the singing of canaries and other perceptions?

The role of the bird is also fun. It is in any case for reasons of intelligibility that you did not go further in the direction of this symbol. Do you know the work of Steintlhal (2) the mythology of the bird?

My two silent pauses of recent times is due to the fact that I'm overworked. Pr Bleuler is ill and is in the bathroom for three weeks. During this time I have with me the school management and many other things. I recently made a little more work (3), "way annex", as you would. I had to prove something accurate about reproductive disorders, that goes without saying for you, Moreover, as for me; but you can not write in large letters on the back of these pachyderms, they do not understand. I will send you all the same thing later and you soustrairai not forgetfulness, as my last work on English exams galvanometer (4). My subconscious felt unpleasantly affected, Vienna, what you did not pay our electric exams interest their rightful. The revenge that was to come one day. Late finding!

I'm busy lately discussing Bezzola, also unsatisfactory manner. I examined his case and I myself tried repeatedly. This is the original method of Breuer-Freud, reinforced in the direction of hypnosis. It provides people with a mask and made him relate mainly visual images. It leaves many elements traumatic, it is repeated until they are exhausted. Good results, As far as I could control.

Many people subjected to testing begin in a state of self-hypnosis and sleep-live trauma. It seems to me that there was also confabulé, at least that's what my six year old child that I currently handles; she tells stories purely confabulées and avoids traumatic elements with extreme care. Among uneducated people I've had failures so far with this method. Frank focuses attention by suggestion in hypnosis the traumatic element (provided that there is a!) and a living repeatedly, until exhaustion. The effect of the two methods is not quite understandable for me. I suspect that both spend more or less next to the transposition accompanying. In one of my cases, I treated and, thing was clear to me; woman rented primarily the kindness with which I was interested in his business. I tormented for another two sessions without having any visual image, and it is only when I directly asked about dreams and sexuality she began to come alive. That there was wrong with it, Bezzola is that opposes you in blindness deepest, and it has also begun to lie about me. You better recognized its me - a little soul and […]. Resistance and division in your own camp there are worse.

Your Materials Bleuler said it was wonderful - is that these connections do exist in it, or you could put them anywhere? This sting still bites occasionally in Bleuler, but it is harmless. He is currently writing his work on dem. praec., that one is entitled to expect with impatience. It ensures the continuation of the great "battle Freudian".

In the last issue of the Journal of the entire criminal jurisprudence [General Review of Penal Law], Heilbronner 5 Utrecht submitted the diagnosis of de facto 6 a detailed critique. I'll send along the critical Isserlin. Receive, honored Mr. Pro-fessor, Best greetings from your always devoted


1. Wilhelm Jensen (1837-1911), German playwright and novelist, native of Holstein, which was read to the very time. See the postscript to his study of Freud on Materials.

2. Heymann Steinthal (1823-1899), German philosopher and philologist, which Jung often cited work in Metamorphoses and symbols of libido. Steinthal was the editor of the Journal of social psychology and linguistics [Journal of Psychology of peoples and linguistic], Berlin. See his essay The original form of the legend of Prometheus. [The original form of the legend of Prometheus], ibid., flight. II, 1862, p. 5 and 20 sq., where he discusses the symbolism of the bird. See also 27 F n. 7.

3. "On the reproduction failure in association experiment» [On the disorders of reproduction in the experience of association], Journal of Psychology and Neurology, flight. IX, 1907, G.W., 2.

4- Cf. 19 J, n. 2.

5. Karl Heilbronner, "The foundations of psychological Tatbes- dental diagnostics » [The foundations of psychological diagnosis for the establishment of the facts], flight. XXVII, 1907. Heilbronner (1869-1914), German psychiatrist, directed the University Hospital Utrecht.

6. "The Psychological Diagnosis of Evidence» [The psychological diagnosis for the establishment of the facts in judicial matters], Legal-psychiatric border issues, flight. IV, 1906, G.W., 2.

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