02-04-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

About your two manuscripts. I have already spoken of 1′ "History". I read it several times and I make myself better and better account what constitutes important weapon. After much thought, I also think that everything that concerns people should remain unchanged. I just want a formula, one, be avoided : you say that Adler had complained to your persecutions. I fear that this word is disastrous. A. defend himself being accused of paranoid. An expression that makes a sound less pathological - something like "attacks" - would certainly be preferable.

I do not quite understand why you are not satisfied with the Narcissism. I find the whole brilliant work, and perfectly convincing in every respect. I will not go into the details of the approach, but only a point off, namely, analysis particularly successful delirium observation, its relationship to the moral conscience, etc. In terms of practice, developments on the ego ideal are of particular value. Long been, I thought these analyzes, and every sentence I read, I was able to guess the rest. Especially, the distinction of the ego ideal and sublimation itself is something I've always told my patients, without giving it a precise formulation also. Could I, again, make a proposal? I think this is the point that would put most clearly highlight the contrast between the Jungian therapy and psychoanalysis. The "vital tâche» [Mission in life] and all similar notions (including the prospective trend of the unconscious) are nothing other than an appeal to the ego ideal and therefore a path that misses the real possibilities of sublimation (with uncon-scious intention to avoid). Perhaps it would be useful to write a passage on this point?

I now expect the Moses [1] with great anticipation. But I do not understand very well xxx [2]. Do not you think that we still recognize the paw of the lion?

Our group will meet in May with the theme discussion : attitude towards the Oedipus in childhood. I hope that interventions, for at least one part, be worth to be published.

I received, there a few days, engraving with etching Pollak (3). I think IA is set to turn what is most successful, while in terms of the expression, must begin somewhat familiar; but then, we appreciate. The entire composition, in particular the distribution of black and white, is very successful.

Recently, I got a bookstall, by chance, your work on coca (1885), and I read it yesterday.

I hope, dear Professor, your health, meantime, has again improved. Your son will have breakfast, also, made great strides, as I hope and will not be ignored any longer the pleasure value of the feed. The rest, we had the same problem with our two children!

The trip to Italy, we projected, unfortunately can not take place.

With cordial greetings, as well as those of my wife, to you and yours.

Votre Karl Abraham.

(1) S. Freud : "The Moses of Michelangelo", 1914, trad. fr. tests in applied psychoanalysis, Gallimard.

(2) Reference to the intention of Freud published his essay anonymously. The author's name was revealed that 1924.

(3) Max Pollack, Viennese writer.

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