10-07-1914 Freud to Jones

10 July 1914

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

My dear Jones,

Thank you very much for all your gifts and your new. I know your speaking skills even bigger than your writing skills, and I welcome the news of your success in Durham.

Against my habits, I have carefully read the articles on the repression in forgetting that you sent me and that I should try, and what seemed to be a highly respectable level among psychologists was indeed a poor level analyst. I did not find anything new in this verbiage - so that the charge against Hamlet Polonius door -, some amount of nonsense and to discussions on sides that could be resolved by reference to a single sentence me. Still, we must be satisfied.

Putnam made the promise to store our side seems formal, but it is in dire need of a nanny to hold hands and guide his steps. He has no idea of ​​perfidy Adler (1), Lou Salome sent me a letter from him, written 1913, who was able to impress.

I am pleased to announce that my sister recovers, and we do not have to delay our departure Sunday evening set at. He will have to wait a week or more at Cottage Sanatorium before a journey.

The Congress of Berlin is not against my line, but I do not see the interest to participate in the conference. Perhaps you'd better go to make you better understand the people of Berlin.

I will leave tomorrow Loe. She recovered quickly after more morphine, and I see no way to get it out for now. It does not yet believe the ψα, but it is charming for all its faults, that are more than largely overshadowed by its excellent. There has light and shade.

The 4and edition of the Interpretation of Dreams has just been published and will arrive in a few days.

What is the way that the decision to show for Jung Eder ? I am sorry for you, but it is the action of "Curettes" [sharp spoon], remove all tissue insane (2).

Have you received a letter from Bleuler ?

My next card to give you my address Karlsbad.

Sincerely you


1. Can be found in Hale (1971 a, p. 173-176) several letters exchanged 1914 between Freud and Adler Putnam about.

2. Freud wrote insane, perhaps instead of unhealthy, unhealthy.

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