22-10-1914 Freud to Jones

22 October 1914

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Dear Jones,

One of my friends, professor of archeology at Rome, has the kindness to take with him to Italy this letter is not subject to censorship (1). I received your new via [of] Emden and the same via Martin and Assagioli, responded in the same way and hope that you will already have the answer in the hands.

I have to convey the greetings of all mine, friends and the Association, from which all your efforts to keep in touch with us found a very friendly welcome. It was unanimously decided not to consider you an enemy !

Whatever you read about us in the newspapers, do not forget that ment a lot at the moment. We do not suffer any restriction, no epidemic and morale is very good. Two of my son is in the army (2), but still only instruction. None of our close friends have not yet been mobilized, but the review board which will take Sachs could pull rank or their activity. I visited Abraham in September in Berlin, he works a lot in a hospital and it is very joyful mood ; We talked a lot about you. It appeared these days a number of Magazine and another of!Image. In Image, there is the work of Napoleon Jekels (3); I will ensure that you do send a through Emden. But it is a German magazine and it will not be allowed to enter !

Eder for there is nothing to regret. Binswanger went home. We could not gather across the continent 7 Analysis hours, as you still have your home. I have very little to do.

Ferenczi is idle if it has taken a vacation in Vienna. I'm working on the third edition of the Sexual theory and a history of difficult for the sick Yearbook (4). In America only gave sign of life Brill and Payne; I suggested to him the translation of the article on the history of the movement ψα, for log M. Prince, if Brill accept (4). I cordially greet you in anticipation of your new, despite the war and our enemies status.

Yours truly


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